StockMark Inc.

We develop and 3 AI SaaS products for enterprise business. Anews is B2B news curation services which AI recommends business news directly related in your business area. Asales is sales force assistance services which AI discover the winning pattern through analyzing negotiation records and also recommends effective documentation for selling activities. Astrategy is for corporate planning which AI analyze real time market situation and alert the competitor or helping discover the trend topics in your business area.

University of Tokyo

This exhibit is the POC of the technology to visualize 3D skeletal motions and muscle activities from the human images from cameras using AI and Robotics. Video images from multiple cameras are sent to the Information Technology Center, University of Tokyo, and return the results of motion analysis. It is a near future vision of the era where everyone can access via 5G and networks to the scientific data of her/his body movements.

National Institute of Informatics

 Science Information NETwork5 (SINET5) is an ultra-high-speed network connecting all prefectures at 100 Gbps for universities and research institutes in Japan. 100 Gbps is the ability to transfer Blu-ray Disc (25 GB capacity) data in just 2 seconds. Mobile functions have been also provided since the end of last year enabling efficient collection of enormous research data constantly produced in various areas of the country.  In this exhibition, you will see a demonstration of transferring data of the same capacity as Blu-ray from Hokkaido to Okinawa in just 2 seconds, and a demonstration of transferring camera images from remote locations via mobile and real-time analysis of them using AI.

AI Samurai Inc.

AI Samurai finds similar patents with a simple operation without setting searching conditions. Simulation results are ranked A through D according to the level of patentabilit AI Samurai supports patent search operations by significantly reducing the burden on the inventor and providing highly accurate search results.

Robot Fund Co., Ltd.

Some people may find that asset management is difficult to understand. Mutual funds, one of the most common tools for asset management, is managed by investment professionals who invest in a pool of stocks, bonds and other securities on behalf of individual investors. Despite the convenience of letting professionals handle our assets, we can easily lose track of the structure of our mutual fund’s portfolio as well as the reasons for price movements of the fund. Robot Fund’s application offers a visual analysis of complex price movements in two phases and enables viewers to grasp the current situation in a single view: The first phase visualizes graphically the market factors that caused price changes; the second phase shows the reasons behind activities of the market factor using AI analysis technologies.


Among medical field, image diagnosis is the forerunner in the employment of AI.Scanning images of X-ray, CT and MRI, AI detects lesions and helps doctors. We, as a teleradiology pioneer, are now developing AIs for brain aneurysm, lung cancer, breast cancer and so on, leveraging lots of images and clinical reports in the past. And in the near future, we will install these AIs and also other third party AIs on our LOOKREC, shaping it into a one-stop solution. We are pretty sure that will accelerate the advance of medicine toward more accurate and better.

adflex communications, inc.

Based on AI x Consulting, we are spreading service products tailored to various applications in the digital marketing field. Search-linked ad optimization AI platform "AdScale" enables to improve the campaign performance of listing advertisement, budget optimization and automatic measure recommendation function every hour x day by the algorithm developed originally.


The entertainment robot “AIBO”, launched in 1999, has been revived as “aibo” in 2018. By analyzing and accumulating daily communication with owners through AI and cloud technologies, the character and behavior of aibo change over time, and its personality develops further. With its natural curiosity, aibo aims to be a new partner for people, and we hope it brings joy into the everyday lives. You are welcome to meet aibo and experience this unique contact at our exhibition booth.

Laboro.AI, Inc.

Laboro.AI Inc. is a professional of development & offering of the AI solution , called "custom AI". It is our mission to provide "working AI" in form most suitable for core business of your company. We are trusted because of being able to using of the knowledge about academia and experience of the business consulting.

SAKURA Internet Inc.

The high-performance and cost-effective Sakura Internet computing resource service created to deliver results at the forefront of AI deep learning. We will eliminate the risk of computing resource operation and capital investment, and meet the needs of those who want to improve their competitiveness by pursuing AI and deep learning performance. We have prepared two types of payment methods, "Monthly Charge" which is advantageous for continuous use, and "Hourly Charge" which can be used as needed. Depending on the application, you can use the GPU server at the optimal cost without waste.

Mizuho Financial Group, Inc.

Register operation for account transfer application relied on manual entry from its various number of form types. The AOR utilize AI for recognizing both location of items and handwritten letters to obtain inputted items. Furthermore, The AOR realize accurate register operation by collating with customer information. Co., Ltd.

AI Sakura-san serves customers by voice and text in response to internal and external inquiries. In addition to inbound customer service, in cooperation with robots, AR, and VR, we perform various tasks on behalf of human. With the RPA function, it is the only AI that can do an overwhelming amount of work and improve corporate operations.

Aidemy Inc.

In order to introduce AI technology into companies, we will provide online training tools that they can learn programming on a browser, introduction support consulting and hiring branding according to company issues, etc., and support the comprehensive development of the AI ​​team. In addition to the online education of AI, our top AI engineers support the promotion of actual projects, offline lectures, interviews about utilization of AI, etc., and we provide a full backup of the establishment of your AI team.

Arithmer Inc

AI system's contract development and operation based on advanced mathematics. ・ Highly accurate AIOCR which even applies to handwritten various formats. ・ Personal verification AIOCR documents for DigitalKYC service. ・ AI still images and dynamic analysis such as accident image analysis and driving dynamic analysis. ・ AI 3D object generation such as suit order automatic sizing. ・ Smart robots that makes factory automation possible like a deity. ・ AI database capable of high precision business matching. ・ Operation manual / Q & A compatible AI chat bot.

Konica Minolta, Inc.

Konica Minolta, Inc. is a global technology company headquartered in Tokyo and has more than 43,000 employees serving approximately two million customers in over 150 countries. Since its establishment in 1873, by making the most of our diverse technologies and innovations, Konica Minolta has been expanding its business in various fields including office equipment, optical systems for industrial use, and diagnostic imaging systems for Healthcare.

xenodata lab.

xenodata lab. provides a SaaS service "xenoBrain" that analyzes news and financial results disclosure materials around the world by AI based on natural language processing, extracts causal relationships between economic events, and predicts the impact on business performance. By conducting business alliances with Jiji Press and Dow Jones and analyzing high-quality text data, we will create a future in which anyone can easily obtain economic forecast information from AI.


Azest provides consulting solution for utilization of analyzing data from analysis perspectives and data recipe design based on various industry / business results, data analysis plans in line with business issues, environment construction and utilization measures, etc. for data analysis visualization that leads to creation of value for customers. In AI/SUM we introduce possibility of Kaizen by visualizing the situation and activity data of the site by providing "Active Stream" to capture consumer behavior.

Aidemy Inc.

In order to introduce AI technology into companies, we will provide online training tools that they can learn programming on a browser, introduction support consulting and hiring branding according to company issues, etc., and support the comprehensive development of the AI ​​team. In addition to the online education of AI, our top AI engineers support the promotion of actual projects, offline lectures, interviews about utilization of AI, etc., and we provide a full backup of the establishment of your AI team.

Medmain Inc.

“PidPort”, the marketplace of pathological image diagnosis. And “Medmain AI”, an AI for pathological image diagnosis through DeepLearning. We will alleviate the workload of pathologists by providing “PidPort”, a marketplace to request pathological diagnosis from AI or pathologists. “PidPort” also enables doctors to share and store pathological images. And “Medmain AI”, an AI which can make a quick and precise pathological diagnosis simply through the upload of image data. Our “PidPort”, and “Medmain AI” will solve the shortage of pathologists, and reduce the waiting time for pathological diagnosis. No longer will you need to wait days for pathological diagnosis. We pioneer the new age of medicine through AI.

RevComm Inc.

「AI-equipped Cloud IP Phone "MiiTel"」 Companies that conduct inside sales (telephone sales) and customer success (customer support). While interviewing with prospective customers, we will target the industry as a core target, in particular, as the needs of the staffing and referral industry are high. Four months after its launch in October 2018, it has been used by approximately 400 users.


AI development, AI operation, AI human resource development, AI human resources recruitment. Here are all the answers to AI. SIGNATE, Japan's largest AI development human resources network with over 17,000 registered members. It is the only company that can provide solutions in a one-stop way from not only commissioned development but also competition development by members, algorithm operation after development, re-learning, and the development and recruitment of AI human resources whose needs are rapidly increasing.

AI inside inc.

AI inside Inc. provides “DX Suite”, the Japan's first AI-OCR product on our AI platform “Neural X” which has the largest share in Japan. It has been used by more than 300 clients and helped them to increase productivity in every industries and municipalities. Furthermore, this learning platform of Neural X is opened up to our partners and makes it possible for them to develop AI by their own and apply it for any types of daily work.

DataGateway Inc.

Accurate, high-quality, organized and integrated data groups are important for business decisions and effective customer response. DataGateway realizes a consortium that utilizes corporate data and creates a data alliance market based on a reliable data distribution platform. In particular, we are strong in managing data transactions using blockchain technology and having a data scientist community both at home and abroad, and we can also perform data encryption, secret calculations, etc. with our partner companies.

Defide Inc.

FINAPS is an AI based financial advisory service which provides advises with simulation results based on user specific information and statistical information with AI model with knowledge of FP specialists and spycohlofical methods. With the user experience of interactive cards with the projection mapping technology, the system will collect user information using simple psychological questions. Then AI with expertise knowledge base will provide the advises the users desire by understanding and analyzing the spychological bias through the conversation scenario.


・Online AI education system for enterprises This is an online training service which gives in-house development education for talented people who want to get high-level AI techniques. We offer various training courses for engineers and office workers. Therefore, we can provide the most suitable package to enterprises to solve each of their problems. We plan to expand courses focusing on the latest technologies. ・AI / Data scientist recruitment support We offer a matching service between students who belong to the student organizations supported by our company and companies that want to adopt students who has AI techniques. We meet needs of companies and students through matching activities, such as organizing Hackathon events.

Yahoo Japan

DATA FOREST INSIGHT is a solution to provide consumer/area insights through analyzing Yahoo!JAPAN's data, such as news, search, shopping, location at multiple angles such as sex, age and attributes, areas, etc., . DATA FOREST ENGINE is a solution to provide Yahoo Japan’s science capability externally that we have developed through improving our own services. We will offer solutions such as recommendation and prediction using machine learning, natural language processing, and other technologies.


"UpSighter" performs comparison and analysis by quantifying business communication such as sales talks and personnel interviews with proprietary AI technology. We visualize "the difference between high performers and low performers" with numerical values that has traditionally been done by consultants at high prices. In addition, by modeling a "good talk configuration" and providing a scoring algorithm, it is possible to automate teaching and reduce teaching time. Starting in 2016, both Japanese and American languages can be analyzed. Compared with other AI solutions that require a large amount of samples, it has the advantage of being able to analyze with a small number of samples.