WORLD 30: Batch #1

WORLD 30: Batch #1





Silot Intelligence Platform, known for being “the Brain of Banks”, helps to integrate the processes of payments, marketing, loan underwriting, KYC, and compliance etc. It helps financial institutions turn data into applicable business conclusions and intelligent decisions through AI.

Country Singapore

DefinedCrowd Japan

Fast and high quality AI training data to make AI smarter.

Country United States


Deep learning with 1000 times less data. Basilica allows you to get state of the art results with only 1000 data points. We're able to do this through transfer learning.

Country United States


Automatic Customer Services with Artificial Intelligence

Country United States

Alcatraz AI, Inc.

Alcatraz AI uses 3D sensing to do completely frictionless FaceID-like secure facial authentication for physical access control, replacing badging in the workplace, with AI-based anti-tailgating alerts and enrollment.

Country United States


Empath is Emotion AI, which can identify emotion from the voice in real-time regardless of the language. Empath SDK and API have been adopted by more than 1,000 customers over 50 countries.

Country Japan



Country Japan


Dashmote is an A.I.-Powered insights platform that "turns images into insights”. The SaaS based platform, allows companies to Dashmote machine learning algorithm to analyze images and text from all online and offline source, and find insights that can directly help brand performance in product development, marketing and sales.

Country Netherlands


Heartex is B2B SAAS providing you with configurable interfaces for data labeling integrated with machine learning models. Your dataset gets pre-labeled and analyzed. Based on that you get optimal labeling strategy that enables you to label only a fraction before you get an accurate model. Statistics and basic analytics included.

Country Russia

Autify, Inc.

Autify simply automates software testing by AI. It learns from manual testers testing behaviors and automates the testing. When the UIs are updated, AI updates affected test cases automatically by observing the application's source code change.

Country United States


productboard is a product management platform that helps you get the right products to market, faster.

Country United States

Developing L4 autonomous driving technology and operating robo taxi services for China market...

Country Cayman Islands



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April 23, 2019 at 02:00PM - 03:00PM