WORLD 30: Batch #2

WORLD 30: Batch #2




Innoplexus AG

Innoplexus applies proprietary AI and Blockchain tech stack in all stages of drug development via smart Data and Continuous Analytics as a Service solutions. Generating real-time insights from 100s of terabytes of structured, unstructured, private and public data. Our data ocean contains 97% of the world’s public life science data.

Country Germany

Crunchr Workforce Analytics

Crunchr is a workforce analytics technology solution for companies to improve business productivity and employee wellbeing. Our advanced workforce reporting and analytics insights help with Future of Work, Talent Attraction and Development.

Country Netherlands


For over 10 years, Inbenta’s AI and NLP-driven chatbot solutions have been serving enterprise companies by understanding online customers in their own, natural language. By processing meaning rather than keywords, Inbenta uses patented semantic technology to intelligently direct customers to products, contents, and FAQs across multiple channels before they contact support agents. The result is a positive, optimized, and streamlined customer experience that boosts self-service and enables customers to complete tasks comfortably and quickly. Inbenta specializes in conversational chatbots, virtual assistants, e-commerce search, support ticketing, hybrid chat, and knowledge management.

Country United States

Neurala, Inc.

Brain Builder is an end-to-end SaaS platform that streamlines the creation of custom vision AI. As an all-in-one tool for annotation, training, and deployment, Brain Builder makes custom vision AI more efficient and accessible for AI beginners and experts alike. Brain Builder learns continuously, powered by Neurala’s patented Lifelong-DNN™.

Country United States


Leveraging neuroscience and AI, pymetrics work with large enterprise, global and regional organizations to uncover candidates that closely match their top performers. Our core offering is 12 neuroscience-based gamified assessments (25 mins to play), with game plays matached to custom success models for a company and specific roles. We measure attributes that better and more fairly predicts a candidate's success in a role within a company. We have added Numerical Reasoning and Digital Interview in our product offering in 2019.

Country United States

Mostly AI

Mostly AI is a Vienna based company that leverages generative AI and differential privacy to offer the world's most advanced, GDPR-grade synthetic data engine for behavioral and transactional customer data. It enables organizations globally to simulate synthetic populations, that retain the valuable information of actual people while rendering any re-identification impossible.

Country Austria


Parkbob organises the world's urban mobility data and transforms it into actionable information to enable better mobility decisions. Parkbob provides detailed information on the rules & restrictions that govern the curb-side of a city. We source and process data from thousand of sources to bring the most comprehensive rules & restrictions data set on the market and generate intelligence for a variety of use cases like urban navigation, car sharing and payment. Our StreetCrowd service enables micro-mobility providers to lower operational cost and significantly increase revenue and profit margins. It combines the power of AI and the crowd to create an unknown level of efficiency for micro-mobility in urban areas.

Country Austria


Kono helps enterprise to apply scheduling assistant service for their staffs and customers. It works on communication tools such as email, IM and connect internal calendars, resource management system securely.

Country South Korea


Moodbit is a People Analytics technology that analyzes employee´s emotions and delivers predictive and prescriptive analytics to improve: Productivity, Performance, and Engagement. Moodbit analyzes real-time data from communication platforms and online tools. With AI and Sentiment Analysis Moodbit can identify employees at risk of burnout, turnover, and forecast team performance.

Country United States

Clean Water AI

Clean Water AI is a device that uses a deep learning neural network to detect dangerous bacteria and harmful particles in water. Users can see drinking water at a microscopic level, just like they would view footage from a security camera, with real-time detection and contamination mapping.

Country United States


Our Audience Discovery SaaS platform (ADP) generates Place Profiles. Place Profiles reveal information about footfall interests by day part for real world venues and points of sales, significantly increasing marketing ROI and consumer satisfaction.

Country United Kingdom


CITIBEATS is a social understanding platform through a unique advanced AI text analytics technology able to work in any region, with any text data source and any language. The fastest and easiest to use AI text analytics platform that is built for understanding civic issues.

Country Spain

Prive Technologies

Prive is a white-label, B2B, digitized wealth management platform offering robo- and bionic-advisory to enterprise clients. We are based in Hong Kong, but have offices in Asia and Europe, and are also expanding into EMEA, Eastern Europe and the Americas. We were founded in 2011 and have amassed over 60 clients globally and are growing rapidly as more banks, financial institutions, insurance companies and even social network sites in Asia are looking at ways to monetize private wealth. Our engine and platform are modular and integrated (with patents pending or granted)-- and our aim is to create a "private bank in a box" for the mass affluent and, in certain instances, to the mass retail segment in Asia and Europe.

Country Hong Kong SAR



2-4-1 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Marunouchi Building, Hall


April 24, 2019 at 10:30AM - 12:00PM